Conference Recap

The 32nd General Assembly of the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA) took place in the city of Ibadan and was hosted by the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association in the University Of Ibadan, Nigeria. It took place from the 18th – 24th of November at the International Conference Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. 

Several high profile speakers were in attendance and participated in the plenaries. The workshops were conducted by organisations which included The Wellbeing Initiative, The Wellbeing Foundation Africa and Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative 

The conference attracted over 600 stakeholders and professionals comprising of about 450 medical students, both undergraduate and post-graduate.

Day 1 - November 19 2018

The General Assembly and Scientific conference began in earnest with an opening ceremony which included recognition of delegates and speakers. The Provost of the College of Medicine University of Ibadan, Professor E.O Olopade-Olaopa was in attendance and gave a welcome address to the delegates. A welcome address was also given by the Patron and chair of the board of advisors to the 32nd General Assembly, Professor A.O Omigbodun.  A welcome address was also delivered on behalf of the FAMSA president by Mr. Agba Joel, the immediate Vice President of FAMSA. Welcome addresses were also delivered by the Organizing chairperson of the 32nd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference, Mr. Jesutofunmi Omiye as well as by the President of the host medical students association University of Ibadan Medical Students Association (UIMSA) Mr. Muhammad- Bashir Yahya.

Day 2 - November 20 2018

It began with the third plenary session on the topic: The Burden of NCDs: Taking a Quantum Leap.

After the plenary session, the delegates went on a tea break/ networking session before resuming for the fourth plenary session on the topic Infectious Diseases in Africa: Are we really winning?

There was a poster break and exhibition displaying different abstracts by medical students on different research topics under the conference subthemes

Subsequently, delegates went on a lunch break before splitting into various subgroups for the different workshops and General Assembly

Day 3 - November 21 2018

It began with a plenary session on the topic: Mental Health – Breaking the Silence

The delegates proceeded for a tea break before resuming the fifth plenary session on the topic Maternal and Child Health in Africa: The Wages of Disconnect

The next session was a special session by Dr Paulin Basinga on the young doctors’ potential for impact in global health; reflections on a career in global health as well as a special session by Dr. Ibraheem Badejo on transforming healthcare in Africa through research and innovation. Afterwards, there was lunch break and the delegates went for their various workshops and the general assembly.

Day 4 - November 22 2018

It began with the seventh plenary session on the topic: Social Determinants of Health – Connecting the Dots

The eighth plenary session began after tea break and was on the topic: Medical Education in Africa: Curriculum, Research Inclusion & Mentorship

The ninth plenary session was on the topic Health Policy & Financing: Saving the Future of Africa. This however did not hold as the speakers were unavoidably absent. There was an oral presentation session immediately after the lunch break and delegates proceeded to their various workshops for the last session and General Assembly.

Day 5 - November 23 2018

The last plenary session was on the topic: Sustainable Vaccination Schemes in Africa: Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers

There was a second poster presentation and exhibition after the plenary session After the poster presentation, the delegates were taken on an excursion to Agodi Gardens in the city of Ibadan At about 8pm, the closing ceremony and dinner commenced. There were musical performances as the delegates were treated to sumptuous meals. A speech was delivered by the WHO director general, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus. Various members of the organizing committee were duly recognized and the Vice President Elect delivered his acceptance speech on behalf of the newly elected executives after which the executives were inaugurated by the acting GA chairman Muhammad Kasim.

This brought the 32nd FAMSA General Assembly and scientific conference to a close.