Federation of African Medical Students' Association

Once upon a time, there arose the need of a platform for African medical students to play a significant role in the improvement of the health of Africans, and to foster cooperation among medical students within Africa. Three countries arose to the task (Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana) and there was a coalition. This coalition gave birth to a Federation. A Federation to unite all Medical Students under one name, one voice, and one purpose: The Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (Federation des Association des Etudiants en Medicine) abbreviated as FAMSA.

Established in 1968, the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations, FAMSA, is an independent, non-political Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (MSA’s) in Africa. FAMSA was founded to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among African medical students. FAMSA is a project oriented medical student body and is recognized as the official international forum of African medical students.

FAMSA is the forum for medical students throughout the African continent to discuss topics related to health, education and medicine, formulate action plans from such discussions and carry out appropriate activities. It is a mechanism for medical students’ professional exchange and projects and remains a versatile advocacy body which sensitizes and redirects African governments’ policies towards the path to sustainable health and development. It also acts as a mechanism for organizations under its membership to raise funds for projects recognized by FAMSA. Our motto is “Towards the improvement of health in Africa…”
FAMSA’s vision is to continue to be a strong network of medical students, constantly aware of global health issues and responsive to contemporary questions facing the medical profession and global health with over twenty five member countries spanning across the various regions in Africa and partnership schools in Australia and Scotland.

FAMSA at present consists of five organs of action, with the highest authority and policy making arm being the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Hosted annually in different countries for the past 31 years, the General Assembly provides FAMSA the platform to discuss topical issues regarding healthcare in Africa, formulate workable and sustainable resolutions as well as elect new officials for the next Administrative year. This year, the 32nd General Assembly will be hosted in Ibadan, Nigeria where her Permanent Headquarters is located at the University College Hospital under the guardianship of the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (UIMSA). The other organs of actions include the Permanent Headquarters, the Executive Council, the various Medical Students Associations across Africa, and the Standing Committees of the Federation.