Regionals (Africa) Committee

Working closely with the various International Campus Ambassadors in different countries, the subcommittee aids the visibility of the conference in different countries, maintains communication with various regions and provides regular updates to the Organising Committee.

Mr. Akintoba Akingbade - Vice Chairperson

AKINGBADE AKINTOBA EMMANUEL is currently in his penultimate year, and will graduate from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan in 2019, with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.  He has served as member (2014-2016), and secretary (2017) to the Electoral committee, University of Ibadan Medical Students Association.  He currently serves as Chair to the Electoral Committee.

International Campus Ambassadors (ICAs) are individuals from campuses who will serve as representatives of the Organizing Committee towards the 32nd GA of the Federation of African Medical Students Association, which happens to equally celebrate 50 years of her existence. They will be liaison officers, in their resident campuses promoting the GA and Scientific Conference and serving as the primary means of contact with prospective delegates from their respective campuses. As an ICA, you will be expected to utilize your campus networks through various students associations and connections, as well as engage in social media campaigns, campus workshop and so on to promote the General Assembly. Meet the ICAs!

International Campus Ambassadors


Name: Abdiqani Abdilahi Ibrahim

Medical Student Association (MSA): Hargeisa University Medical Student Association (HUMSA)

Country: Somalia

Year of Study: 4th Year

Name: Ufitinema Pacifique 


Country: Rwanda

Year of Study: 5th Year

Name: Lefika Leon Resheng

MSA: University Of Botswana Medical Student Association (UBMSA)

Country: Botswana

Year of Study:  1st Year

Name: Larissa Manjo

MSA: Buea-University Medical Students’ Association (BMSA)

Country: Cameroon

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Name: Salma A Kambagha

MSA: Tanzania Medical Students Association (TAMSA)

Country: Tanzania

Year of Study: 5th Year

Name: Lizz Esther Kinyua

MSA: Medical Students Association of Kenya

Country: Kenya

Year of Study: 5th Year

Name: Deemah Mohamed Basher

MSA: Omdurman Medical association 

Country: Sudan

Year of Study:  2nd Year

Name: Muganzi David Jolly

MSA: Mbarara University Medical Students Association (MBUMSA)

Country: Uganda

Year of Study: 1st Year

Name: Grace Nwachukwu

MSA: Malawi
Country: Malawi

Year of Study: 2nd Year

Name: Yoda Bianca

MSA: Association of Burkina Medical Students (AEM/BF)

Country: Burkina-Faso

Year of Study:  4th Year

Name: Selemon Dametiee Gesese

MSA: Ethiopian Medical Students Association

Country:  Ethiopia

Year of Study:  5th Year

Name: Jamal Abdirashed Osman Hassan
MSA:  Edna Adan University Medical Students’ Association (EAU-MSA)
Somaliland (previously part of Somalia but separated 1991)
Year of Study:  5th Year

Name: Nam Sheryl Faith

MSA: Medical Students’ Association of Moi University

Country: Kenya

Year of Study: 1st Year

Name: Mbabazi Irene

MSA:  Makerere University Medical Students Association

Country:  Uganda

Year of Study:  5th Year