Mr. Muhammad-Bashir Yahya

Yahya, Muhammad-Bashir is a medical student of the University of Ibadan in his penultimate year. He currently serves as the General Secretary of the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA). He is a passionate legislator having served UIMSA senate for four years and being the chief whip of the hallowed chamber once. Muhammad, due to his absolute intolerance of indiscipline and an unending desire to improve perception and understanding of the law led both the disciplinary committee and the resolution implementation committee of the hollow chamber while remaining an authority in constitution reviews. He has also served the Student Representative Council of the University and other legislative bodies. He is a poet with over 200 poems out of which 9 have been published on various platforms. He is an orator and oratory coach, winning several oratory competitions in the past. Muhammad is a student volunteer at the General Hospital, Suleja. Spending whatever free time he can there to give back to the community that raised him. He is also majorly invested in reaching out to other communities in health awareness programmes and serves as one of the contact organisers for Community Health Awareness Programmes (CHAP) of UIMSA.